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Европедия. Популярный энциклопедический иллюстрированный словарь
Author: Коллектив
Publisher: Олма-Пресс
Publication date: 2003
ISBN: 5-224-03916-9
Number of pages: 932
Format / Quality: Pdf
Size: 101 Мb
Энциклопедический словарь создан в лучших европейских традициях и выходит в свет в рамках международного проекта "Европедия". Книга включает более 20.000 статей и охватывает самые широкие области знания: историю, географию, технику, геологию, медицину, биологию, философию, религию, экономику, народонаселение и другие. "Европедия" включает более 3.000 цветных иллюстраций. Это карты, схемы, таблицы, рисунки, помогающие нагля ... Читать дальше »
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Intermediate Grammar Games (Photocopiable ELT Games and Activities Series)
Author :Longman
Publication date: 2004
Format / Quality: PDF
Number of Pages :128
ISBN-10: 0582429641
Size : 5.25 MB
This book is a collection of grammar practice games for mid-intermediate students of English. It offers:
- a mix of accuracy games and language production activities
- pairwork, small group and whole class activities
- notes to the teacher on how to prepare and play each game
- photocopiable material for teachers

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Язык панджаби
Author: Н. И. Толстая
Publisher: Издательство восточной литературы
Publication date: 1960
Number of pages: 60

Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 1.6MB
Очерк языка панджаби.

No Password


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Praktisches Lehrbuch der ostarmenischen Sprache
Author: A.Dirr
Publisher: Hartleben
Publication date: 1903 d. postquam
Number of pages: 200

Format / Quality: RAR'd Pdf
Size: 4 MB
Terribly old fashioned, but somehow wonderful.
When I first found this one, I ignored the exercises and went straight to page 28 with the nice interlinear text.
Given the relative linguistic conservatism of the *written* Armenian language(s), it's "useful" even to those who want to learn contemporary Armenian.
Caveat: You have to be comfortable with the altdeutsche Schrift, or learn it just for this occasion.
And yes, I'm a fanatic admirer of Sayat Nova, not just because of the movie.

Password: uztranslations

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Beitraege zum Studium der tuerkischen Sprache und Literatur
Author: I.Kunos, F.Giese
Publisher: Rudolf Haupt Verlag
Publication date: 1907
Number of pages: 298

Format / Quality: Rar'd djvu
Size: 8 MB

The title of this volume is: Materialien zur Kenntnis des rumelischen Tuerkisch, Tuerkische Volksmaerchen aus Adakale.
Now, that particular Adakale turns out to be somewhere far, far away -- or maybe not (hint: it's pretty close to Belgrade).
Once you get used to the orthography, it's enjoyable to read the tales. There are plenty of motifs common to all Balkan peoples...and it's all in spoken Rumelian Turkish except for the typical Austro-Hungarian foreword. I see the latter as a period piece.
I only have this volume for now, but I will hunt for others.


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Электронный словарь русского языка системы ASIS(r)
Author: Тришин В.Н.
Publication date: Версия 4.7 (последнее обновление 03.04.2009)
Format / Quality: exe
Size: 18 Mb

Предлагаемый словарь может быть использован как обычный орфографический словарь русского языка для проверки правильности написания слов, особенно при составлении документов с использованием сложных и редко встречающихся специальных терминов. Синонимы и поясняющие слова могут использоваться при поиске близких по смыслу слов и выполнять функции толкового словаря по определению содержания незнакомых слов. Словарь содержит 324 тысячи слов и выражений, из которых 244 тысячи снабжены синонимами, квазисинонимами, поясняющими словами (сходными по смыслу выражениями). Всего синонимов, квазисинонимов, поясняющих слов 1355 тысяч. Такое количество синонимов и поясняю ... Читать дальше »
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The Apartment (1960) / Квартира (1960)
Автор: Billy Wilder
Издатель: USA
Дата издания: 1960
Формат / качество: rar-->AVI(DVD-rip),srt.
Размер: 1,46Mb
Sound: English
Synchronize Subtitles: English, Russian

The Apartment (1960) is producer/director Billy Wilder's bittersweet, heart-rending tragi-comedy/drama of a compliant insurance clerk (Lemmon) who secretly lends out his apartment to other company executives for adulterous sexual affairs and liaisons. The plot thickens when the clerk realizes that his building's elevator operator (MacLaine) is being taken for trysts by his married boss (MacMurray) to his apartment. The sophisticated yet cynical film of the early 60s is a bleak assessment of corporate America, bi ... Читать дальше »
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Business Benchmark Advanced
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: April 9, 2007
Number of pages: 184 pages
Format / Quality: PDF, WMA, EXE
Size:236 MB

Business Benchmark helps students get ahead with their Business English vocabulary and skills and gives them grammar practice in business contexts. This course book provides advanced level students with business language and vocabulary, and provides training and practice for the BULATS test, using real BULATS test tasks provided by Cambridge ESOL. It includes a CD-ROM with a full BULATS practice test from Cambridge ESOL.


Student's book
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Blind Owl (Bilingual - Educational)
Author: Sadegh Hedayat
Publisher: various
Publication date: various
Number of pages: 130 and 36
Format / Quality: RAR'd pdfs
Size: 35 MB
"In life there are certain sores that, like a canker, gnaw at the soul in solitude and diminish it..."

These are the opening lines of the most celebrated novel in Iranian literature, the Blind Owl. Oneiric, Kafkaesque, surreal...you name it. It's stunningly beautiful in its lyricism and equally disturbing in its misogyny.

I found a great edition of the English and a mediocre one in Persian. I'm not familiar with the details of the textual history of the novel, but note that occasionally (for instance, at the very end!) there are whole paragraphs in Persian which are not present in English. If someone can find a more adequate or aesthetica ... Читать дальше »
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Morphology and Semantics of the Tanaina Verb
Author: J. M. Tenenbaum
Publisher: Columbia
Publication date: 1978
Number of pages: 264
Format / Quality: Rar'd Pdf
Size: 6 MB

Tanaina aka Dena'ina is another Athabascan language which interests me a lot. It's spoken in the Kenai peninsula of Alaska, with two major dialects. Unfortunately, it is moribund, with less than a 100 speakers. But that's ok, I always throw my lot in with the downtrodden.

This is the only dissertation about the language, to my knowledge.

I've worked so far with the writings of Peter Kalifornsky, but I don't have any other works by the linguist James Kari, who is the most important specialist. If anyone has more, please post, especially the dictionary or Dena'ina Sukdu'a, also by Tenenbaum.

The lady above is Fedosia Sacaloff. ... Читать дальше »
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Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language
Author: L. Andrews
Publisher: Whitney
Publication date: 1865
Number of pages: 572
Format / Quality: Rar'd djvu
Size: 34 MB

Here is a pleasant and comprehensive dictionary of the Hawaiian language as it was spoken before the catastrophe of the late nineteenth century which wiped out most of the speakers and culminated in annexation.

We'll see how the pseudo-feudal saga in Ni'ihau ends, for all of its nastiness it preserved the language better than anywhere else.

I don't like kings and queens in general, but I couldn't resist illustrating this one with the unfortunate Lili'uokalani rather than a hula dancer.


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Harsusi Texts from Oman
Author: H. Stroomer, T.M.Johnstone
Publisher: Harrassow.
Publication date: 2004
Number of pages: ca.120
Format / Quality: Rar'd Pdf
Size: 13 MB

Harsusi is a Southern Arabian language spoken in Dhofar, Oman by only a few thousand people at most. It is very close to Mehri, another Southern Arabian language which is more vibrant. While related to Arabic, Harsusi and Mehri are perhaps as distant from it as Hebrew or Aramaic are.

Here is a selection of texts collected by T.M. Johnstone. He died in 1983 and the texts were only recently edited.

The version here was used in a Semitic linguistics class offered by me somewhat ad hoc. So, the handwritten original notes by Johnstone are not included (but they are available in the first part of the book anyway!), and the quality is ok, but n ... Читать дальше »
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Basque-English dictionary
Author: Mikel Morris

The author and compiler of this dictionary is Mikel Morris, the result of 20 years of work. The structure of the on-line dictionary was designed by Eleka ingeniaritza linguistikoa.

Content The dictionary that we have put on-line is the Morris Student Plus Dictionary, the most complete and modern English-Basque Basque-English dictionary to date. It has been updated and follows the latest recommendations of the Royal Academy of the Basque Language, Euskaltzaindia.

The dictionary contains:

*67,000 headwords
*120,000 expressions and idioms


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Die Rhetorik der Araber
Author: A.F. Mehren
Publisher: Imperial Press at Vienna
Publication date: 1842
Number of pages: 482
Format / Quality: Rar'd djvu
Size: 13 MB

This is one of my favorite books, in spite of its flaws and occasional musty expression in German. It facilitates one of the most exciting activities in the world, which is of course - reading classical Arabic poetry. So, I've read it backwards, forwards, top downwards, bottom upwards -- from any angle it offers "die rechte Beleuchtung" (page IV)!

Accordingly, I scanned this nineteenth century book very carefully and enthusiastically... just to find a copy on the net a few weeks later. I'm posting the version I found because the file I created for my personal enjoymentbiggrin ... Читать дальше »
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Altuighurismen im Tuerkeituerkischen
Author: J.P. Laut
Publisher: various
Publication date: 1998-2000
Number of pages: 85
Format / Quality: RAR'd PDF
Size: measly 350 KB

Two interesting articles, one of them lengthy.

The first one, entitled "Die Uigurismen im Tarama Dergisi (1934)",concentrates on those words from the ancient Uyghur language which were made available in the 1930s, but did not make it into the reformed Anatolian Turkish standard of today, in spite of the successful usage of the word uygarlik for civilization tout court.

The other one, entitled "Zur Rolle des Alttuerkischen in der tuerkeituerkischen Lexik", continues the theme.

The author is a renowned Turkologist who studied with madame Gabain.


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Македонска енциклопедија / Encyclopaedia Macedonica
Publisher: Македонска Академија на Науките и Уметностите Лексикографски Центар
Date: Скопjе 2009
Author: главен и одговорен редактор: академик Блаже Ристовски
Size: 31.9 Мб + 37.5 Мб
Format: pdf

Совет на лексикографскиот центар:
акад. Илија Васков (претседател), акад. Петар Хр. Илиевски, акад. Владо Камбовски,
акад. Благој Попов, акад. Гане Тодоровски

Главна редакција:
акад. Илија Васков (од 12.X 2006) (акад. Ѓорѓи Филиповски до 12.X 2006), акад. Владо Камбовски (од 11. XI 2006)
(акад. Цветан Грозданов до 8.II 2006), акад. Благој Попов, акад. Блаже Ристовски (главен редактор),
акад. Гане Тодоровски проф. д-р Симо Младеновски (научен секретар)

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