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Harsusi Texts from Oman: H. Stroomer, T.M.Johnstone

Harsusi Texts from Oman
Author: H. Stroomer, T.M.Johnstone
Publisher: Harrassow.
Publication date: 2004
Number of pages: ca.120
Format / Quality: Rar'd Pdf
Size: 13 MB

Harsusi is a Southern Arabian language spoken in Dhofar, Oman by only a few thousand people at most. It is very close to Mehri, another Southern Arabian language which is more vibrant. While related to Arabic, Harsusi and Mehri are perhaps as distant from it as Hebrew or Aramaic are.

Here is a selection of texts collected by T.M. Johnstone. He died in 1983 and the texts were only recently edited.

The version here was used in a Semitic linguistics class offered by me somewhat ad hoc. So, the handwritten original notes by Johnstone are not included (but they are available in the first part of the book anyway!), and the quality is ok, but not great. Enjoy.


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