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Descriptive Grammar of the Catalan Language
Author: Alberto Jose Miyara, Jordi Floriach, Michelle Brunelli
Number of pages: 57
Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent Quality
Size: 812KB
Descriptive Grammar of the Catalan Language

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Colloquial Catalan: The Complete Course for Beginners
Author: Toni Ibarz and Alexander Ibarz
Publisher: Routledge
Book: 290 Pages
Date: 2005
Format: PDF
Size: 1,9 MB
This course teaches Catalan, as spoken in north-eastern Spain today. Each unit teaches the language through a variety of dialogues, reading texts, grammar explanations and exercises for practice and consolidation, and also provides an insight into the traditions and patterns of daily life in Catalonia.

Features include:
· Coverage of the Balearic and Valencian varieties alongside the language used in the Barcelona region
· A full grammar summary for easy reference ... Читать дальше »
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Assimil Catalan
Format: MP3
Size: 180 MB
Aquí tiene un método para aprender catalán de manera rápida y eficaz. Este curso presenta no solamente la estructura del idioma incluso también la civilización catalana en sus aspectos útiles e interesantes. Le abrirá las puertas de la cultura catalana.



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Teach Yourself Catalan
Author: Alan Yates
Publisher: NTC Publishing Group
Publication date: 1993
Number of pages: 385
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 23.7 MB
A basic course in Catalan, in the 'Teach Yourself' series, this book is divided into 30 lessons. Each incorporates key grammar, vocabulary and phrases. With a short dictionary. An excellent resource for the linguistically inclined traveler to Barcelona, the Balearic Islands, Andorra and Rousillon.

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