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Arabic For Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies
Number of pages: 353
Format / Quality: PDF & MP3 / high quality
Size: 54MB

Regarded as one of the most difficult languages to learn for native English speakers by the U.S. State Department, Arabic is gaining both prominence and importance in America. Recent world events have brought more and more Americans and other English speakers into contact with Arabic-speaking populations, and governments and businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of basic Arabic language skills. Arabic for Dummies provides you with a painless and fun way to start communicating in Arabic.
Why should you learn Arabic? Well, besides the fact that over 200 million people in more than 22 nations use it ... Читать дальше »
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Русско-крымскотатарский разговорник
Русча-кърымтатарджа сёйлешюв китабы
[Rusian-Crimean Tatar Phrasebook]

Author: Аблязиз Велиев
Publisher: Ассоциация-консорциум крымских татар им. И. Гаспринского, Ташкент
Date: 1991
Pages: 108
Format / Quality: PDF / Very good
Size: 5 MB
Language: Russian, Crimean Tatar

Password: uztranslations

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Qırımtatar Tili - Şeñ elifbe
Author: Köz Aydın studiyası
Publisher: Bagcasaray - 2004
Format / Quality: Exe
Size: 9,2 Mb
Language:Crimean Tatar



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Steven Dulan, "GRE, 2010 Edition"

McGraw Hill | 2009 | ISBN: 0071624260 | 480 pages

Complete GRE preparation for your exam success!
The GRE is crucial for graduate school entrance--and McGraw-Hill’s GRE is the comprehensive study tool you need to succeed. Created by test-preparation specialists at Advantage Education, it gives you the most up-to-date information on each section of the test. From practice tests and skill-building techniques to expert coaching, essay help and online practice, you will have all the guidance you need—right at your fingertips. Размер файла: 1,4 MB

Формат Файла: PDF



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New Opportunities Elementary ( SB + WB + Class Cds + Mini-dictionary)

Student's Book PDF, 18,2 MB





Language Power PDF, 13,7 MB

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