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Altuighurismen im Tuerkeituerkischen: J.P. Laut

Altuighurismen im Tuerkeituerkischen
Author: J.P. Laut
Publisher: various
Publication date: 1998-2000
Number of pages: 85
Format / Quality: RAR'd PDF
Size: measly 350 KB

Two interesting articles, one of them lengthy.

The first one, entitled "Die Uigurismen im Tarama Dergisi (1934)",concentrates on those words from the ancient Uyghur language which were made available in the 1930s, but did not make it into the reformed Anatolian Turkish standard of today, in spite of the successful usage of the word uygarlik for civilization tout court.

The other one, entitled "Zur Rolle des Alttuerkischen in der tuerkeituerkischen Lexik", continues the theme.

The author is a renowned Turkologist who studied with madame Gabain.


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