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Morphology and Semantics of the Tanaina Verb: J. M. Tenenbaum

Morphology and Semantics of the Tanaina Verb
Author: J. M. Tenenbaum
Publisher: Columbia
Publication date: 1978
Number of pages: 264
Format / Quality: Rar'd Pdf
Size: 6 MB

Tanaina aka Dena'ina is another Athabascan language which interests me a lot. It's spoken in the Kenai peninsula of Alaska, with two major dialects. Unfortunately, it is moribund, with less than a 100 speakers. But that's ok, I always throw my lot in with the downtrodden.

This is the only dissertation about the language, to my knowledge.

I've worked so far with the writings of Peter Kalifornsky, but I don't have any other works by the linguist James Kari, who is the most important specialist. If anyone has more, please post, especially the dictionary or Dena'ina Sukdu'a, also by Tenenbaum.

The lady above is Fedosia Sacaloff. If you search for her, you can find a story told in her voice.


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