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Die Rhetorik der Araber: A.F. Mehren

Die Rhetorik der Araber
Author: A.F. Mehren
Publisher: Imperial Press at Vienna
Publication date: 1842
Number of pages: 482
Format / Quality: Rar'd djvu
Size: 13 MB

This is one of my favorite books, in spite of its flaws and occasional musty expression in German. It facilitates one of the most exciting activities in the world, which is of course - reading classical Arabic poetry. So, I've read it backwards, forwards, top downwards, bottom upwards -- from any angle it offers "die rechte Beleuchtung" (page IV)!

Accordingly, I scanned this nineteenth century book very carefully and enthusiastically... just to find a copy on the net a few weeks later. I'm posting the version I found because the file I created for my personal enjoymentbiggrin is much larger.

Best to work on this one after the second volume of Wright's grammar or at least two years of conventional Arabic classes.

The image comes from that magnificent manuscript, Maqamat of al-Hariri.


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