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Using the Internet for Active Teaching and Learning: Steven C. Mills

Using the Internet for Active Teaching and Learning
Author: Steven C. Mills
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: November 2005
ISBN: 0-13-110546-9
Number of pages: 260
Format / Quality: pdf/excellent scanned
Size: 13MB
Are you ready to make use of the power of the Internet to support your teaching? Using the Internet for Active Teaching and Learning combines both theory and practice to introduce you to the Internet's potential as a teaching tool in your classroom. With student learning as its goal, the book is organized by its functions in the classroom-from communication to locating and evaluating information, publishing information, information problem-solving, cooperative problem-solving, inquiry and discovery, and online collaborations.

Features include:

# Real-World scenarios show examples of how each chapter's content may be seen in practice.
# Focus questions at the beginning of each lesson, these advance organizers help readers collect their thoughts and direct them towards the essential concepts and skills to be learned.
# Step-by-step tutorials demonstrate various tools and resources of the Internet that relate to each chapter's topics.
# Enrichment activities following each step-by-step tutorial, these provide opportunities for additional, related practice and skill-extension.
# Post-chapter exercises reflective practice pertaining to the real-world scenarios, more exercises for expanding skills, suggestions for using productivity and web-authoring software for related learning activities, and opportunities for readers to create their own lessons.
# Companion Website to the text contains additional material to support the text, such as in-depth examinations of topics related to chapter content, practice files, and completed solutions to accompany the step-by-step tutorials in the text.

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