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TOEFL IBT Practice Test 1,2,3


TOEFL IBT Practice Test 1,2,3
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Target language: English
The 'Next Generation' TOEFL® iBT Test

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL ® test) has undergone some important changes. In order to meet the challenge of providing a more comprehensive assessment of an applicant's ability to understand and use the English language in an academic environment, the TOEFL ® Internet-based test (iBT) has been developed to assess all four language skills - listening, reading, writing, and speaking. While some questions in each of the sections will be similar to questions found on the computer-based TOEFL ® test (CBT), others will be new. The scoring system has changed as well. Each of the four language skills will now be reported on a scale of 0 to 30 and there will also be a total score. In addition, the TOEFL ® iBT Test no longer has computer-adaptive sections; it is a linear assessment test covering a full range of question difficulty. Note taking is allowed on the new TOEFL ® exam in order to better reflect real-life academic situations. The new TOEFL ® iBT Test takes approximately four hours to finish.

Just like the computer-based TOEFL® exams, this section includes short and long conversations, lectures, and classroom discussions. The practice exams include a timer to help the student practice under exam conditions. The more familiar a student is with exam writing strategies and the types of questions found on the TOEFL® iBT , the better chance there is that he or she will receive a high score.

The major change to the 'Next Generation' TOEFL ® test is the inclusion of a mandatory speaking component - the Academic Speaking Test. Your responses will be recorded on the computer and then reviewed later and given a score. During the test you will be asked six questions, two of which will focus on familiar topics. The other four will ask about short conversations, lectures, and reading passages. In our Practice TOEFL ® iBT Test Speaking section, you will be given examples of responses and the corresponding scores so you can get an idea of what is expected in this new section of the exam.

There are nine different types of questions in the TOEFL ® Reading section that range from inserting a sentence into a paragraph to reading a piece of the text to identify the purpose of the passage. There are also some new question types in the new TOEFL ® iBT Test which are all included in this CD.

The new Writing section now includes two writing tasks instead of just one. There is an integrated task (combining listening, reading, and writing) in addition to the current independent task, and typing is required. In our practice exam you will be given examples of written responses and the corresponding scores so you can get an idea of what is expected in this section of the test.


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