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Swahili Phrase Book (Audio+Book+Audio Transcript): Berlitz
Swahili Phrase Book (Audio+Book+Audio Transcript)
Author: Berlitz
Publisher: Berlitz
Publication date: 1992
ISBN: xxxxx
Number of pages: 195 + 25

Format / Quality: PDF-zipped + mp3 ripped from cassetes
Size: 69,7MB(audio) + 1,67(audio transcript) + 19,7 (phrasebook)
Contains over 1200 phrases and 2300 words, organized by situation and colour-coded for ease of reference by both holidaymakers and business travellers in regions of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The book includes: a phrase-linked dictionary; an easy-to-use phonetic system to assist pronunciation; and the basic rules of grammar.

Password: uztranslations
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