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Rejsen til Saturn


Title: Rejsen til Saturn
Year: 2008
Format: Rar---> avi,srt
Size: 691 mb
Language: Danish
Subtitles: Swedish+[English]
This science-fiction spoof is an animation based on a classic Danish comic book by Claus Deleuran, and featuring interplanetary warfare, immoderate beer drinking, and a visit to the Heavenly Realm. Against all odds, the protagonist Per is picked to be the navigator on a Danish space flight to Saturn. But little does he know that the mission is doomed to failure. Saturn is already colonised, and now Denmark's greed, dreams of an empire and poor judgement are threatening the welfare of the nation.

part 1 http://ifile.it/7z36u0w
part 2 http://ifile.it/q6zmvjd
part 3 http://ifile.it/esmtf6x

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