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New Czech Step by Step: Lida Holá


Book title: New Czech Step by Step
Author's name: Lida Holá
Date of issue: 2005, second edition
Number of pages: 244 pages + 128 pages + 4 pages + 80 min. CD
Publisher's name: Akropolis
File format: textbook, activity book - pdf
File size: textbook 25MB, activity book 18.8MB
Scan quality: black&white
Language of the book: English
The New Czech Step by Step teaching programme of Czech for foreigners is intended for beginners to intermediates. Over twenty clearly structured units the students get to know the basics of the Czech language.
This new, completely revised edition retains the basic principles of the older version, such as being divided into independent combinable sections, the system of references and above all the colour-coded genders in the grammar, which has met with an extraordinarily favourable response from both students and teachers.
The textbook, which has been completely redesigned graphically, brings many more exercises, pictures (by Michaela Kukovičová), photographs and texts (including short introductory texts which assist the student in understanding a given grammatical feature). The titles of the units demonstrate the practical and communicative focus of the textbook (for example, My Family, Directions, In the Restaurant, Free Time, Finding your way, Communicating). Each unit comes with six pages of exercises and activities in the illustrated workbook and sound CD.

Textbook: http://files.uz-translations.uz/14017831
Activity book: http://files.uz-translations.uz/14017968

Password: uztranslations

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