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Javanese: A Cultural Approach: W. Keeler

Javanese: A Cultural Approach
Author: W. Keeler
Publisher: Athens, Ohio
Publication date: 1984
Number of pages: 515
Format / Quality: pdf, good
Size: 20 MB
Keeler's work is not a short tourist guide for booking a room, as he himself explains initially. The explanation itself is worth reading.

It's very valuable material, because...
*In conjunction with the dialogues which constitute the main body of the book, it offers numerous observations on Javanese culture, which is particularly significant because of the intricacies of register.

*The appendix includes translations of the dialogues into Bahasa Indonesia.

Some "deficiencies":
*There are no continuous texts (from newspapers or books) or examples of other scripts which Javanese was historically written in.
*It leaves you wanting more.

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Remarks: I do not have the audio recordings.
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