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Chello hongmijoo ilga salinsagan: Woo-cheol Lee


Chello hongmijoo ilga salinsagan
Director: Woo-cheol Lee
Genre: Horror | Mystery
Runtime: 94 min
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2005
Subtitles: English
Quality/ Format: DVDRIp/ RMVB
The cellist and teacher Mi-Ju Hong (Hyeon-a Seong) is invited by her colleague and friend Sun-Ae (Na-woon Kim) to assume the position of professor in her renowned institution, and gives an invitation to the concert of Hae-Young Kim, the little sister of her former school best friend Tae-Yeon Kim (Da-an Park) who died in a car accident. Before leaving the building, she is threatened by a former student that failed in her test. While driving home, she escapes from an accident on the road and once at home, she has a surprise birthday party with her husband and prosecutor Jun-Ki (Ho-bin Jeong), her daughters the slow Yoon-Jin and the young Yoon-Hye Song, and her sister-in-law Kyung Ran (Jin Woo), whose fiancée is in Manhattan in a MBA course. On the next morning, her husband hires the dumb housekeeper Ji-Sook, a very weird woman. While shopping with Yoon-Jin, the girl is fascinated in a cello and Mi-Ju buys the instrument. After the mysterious death of her dog Sunny, creepy events happen with Mi-Ju, jeopardizing her family, while she insistently listens to her husband voice saying "open your eyes".

"Cello" is another magnificent Korean horror movie. The original plot is very well constructed like pieces of a puzzle, with a scary and ambiguous twist that gives the sensation of deja vu. The film is supported by an excellent screenplay, wonderful and classy soundtrack, awesome direction and performances and a perfect use of special effects. The actress Hyeon-a Seong is extremely beautiful and elegant and fits perfectly to her character.

Screenshot: http://www.piclinker.com/pictures/7d2f6f2197d6e37f55b7a4b4f0fd74a4.jpg

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