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Anistuuna: Egyptian Colloquial. Part One: Nahid Awni


Anistuuna: Egyptian Colloquial. Part One
Author: Nahid Awni
Publisher: Cairo: Dar gharib li’l-tiba‘a
Date: 1999
Pages: 171
Format: pdf + mp3
Size: 59.2 MB + 83.9 MB
Target language: Arabic
Source languages: English

The main object of this book is to introduce the Educated Spoken Arabic or Language which takes the two features of both fuSHa and 9ammiyya and which is a kind of reduced fuSHa and standardized colloquial. It is the spoken Arabic of Egypt which aims to provide easy access to the Arabic which Egyptians, particularly the educated of Cairo and Alexandria, learn in the house and use in
every day life.
Thus this course is based on a functional approach yet the essential rules of grammar, which only without which communication may fail, will be provided. The main emphasis though will be on conversational pieces with vocabulary expressions and some idiomatic formulas that are commonly used in everyday life. In other words, the language itself will be presented not theories about it. The main concern is to ensure that learners can speak and understand the language in the shortest time available and in the simplest way possible. In short, the focus will be on fluency rather than accuracy. The explanation, rules, and instructions are also provided in English to ensure full understanding. Also
a good amount of drills & exercises are provided to guarantee reinforcement.
This book consists of: Preliminary stage involving 4 stages; two units, each unit consists of 5 lessons one of which is a review for the 4 previous lessons; useful vocabulary for survival arabic.


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