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Ace the IELTS: Simone Braverman


Ace the IELTS
Author: Simone Braverman
Pages: 65
Format: pdf
Size: 470 KB
Target language: English

This guide is here to teach you the IELTS test, not the English language. Why? Because even if English is your main language – forget about getting a good score in IELTS, unless you are prepared for it. Two main problems will get in your way: time, tricks and logical traps.
When it comes to IELTS, time is your worst enemy. You need to do things fast. Of course you would get all the answers right if you had the time. But the reality is that there are a lot questions to be answered, a lot of writing to be done, and a very little time to do it.

This guide teaches you HOW TO:
• Listen, hear the right answers and write them down FAST
• Scan through the text and deal with all kinds of questions FAST
• Get your essay written FAST
• Build a speech in your head on any topic FAST
• Know and avoid the traps when you see them
This book might not give you the perfect English, but it sure will help you to get in
shape and ACE the IELTS!


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