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A Beginner's Guide To Tajiki: Azim Baizoyev, John Hayward
A Beginner's Guide To Tajiki
Author: Azim Baizoyev, John Hayward
Publisher: Routledge
Publication date: 2003
ISBN: 0415315972
Number of pages: 371
Format / Quality: djvu, pdf
Size: 20 Mb (djvu), 58 Mb (pdf)
Topic-based lessons with conversational approach. They contain authentic language material as well as interesting pieces of information on daily life and customs in Tajikistan.

The appendices include, among other things, a grammar overview and a Tajik-English dictionary (about 4500 entries).

Password: uztranslations

Remarks: There are several pages where small portions of text near the bookfold are illegible. Luckily, all those pages but one can be found on Google Books.

I know the overall quality isn't great (djvu being kind of better than pdf), but it's the best I can offer and I hope you'll enjoy having this book as much as I do.
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