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Linguaphone Icelandic course: Stefan Einarsson
Linguaphone Icelandic course
Author: Stefan Einarsson
Publisher: The Linguaphone Institute
Format: pdf+mp3
Size: 207mb
Language: English/Icelandic

A course designed for absolute beginners and for those with a slight knowledge who need to increase their skills. Completely self-contained and packed with examples of everyday situations, this course will provide the user with a thorough basic knowledge of the language and enable him/her to write and speak with reasonable fluency.

When you have completed the Course, you will, if you have followed the Instructions carefully, have acquired a lasting knowledge of the language you have chosen. You can now make yourself easily understood when you speak it; your accent is good and you have a sufficient vocabulary for all the ordinary needs of daily life.

Moreover, you will have no difficulty in understanding the language when others speak it, and can converse fluently with natives and enjoy the broadcats from foreign stations. Most thrilling of all, perhaps, you are well-fitted to set out on a voyage of exploration in the literature of the language you have mastered.


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