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Robin D. Moore. Music and Revolution: Cultural Change in Socialist Cuba (Music of the African Diaspora)
University of California Press | 2006-04
| 0520247108 / 9780520247116 | 367 p. | PDF | 5 Mb

Center for Black Music Research
Music and Revolution provides a dynamic introduction to the most prominent artists and musical styles that have emerged in Cuba since 1959 and to the policies that have shaped artistic life. Robin D. Moore gives readers a chronological overview of the first decades after the Cuban Revolution, documenting the many ways performance has changed and emphasizing the close links between ... Читать дальше »
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Donald V. L. Macleod, "Tourism, Globalization and Cultural Change: An Island Community Perspective (Tourism and Cultural Change)"

Multilingual Matters Limited|2004-05-30| ISBN 1873150717 | PDF | 244 pages | 1.47 MB

In what ways does tourism change the host community? This book offers insights into the broad and deep influences of tourism, and places them within the historical context of globalization. Intensive fieldwork spanning many years on a Canary Island has produced a rich portrayal of the community, examining the changes experienced in areas including their working lives, families, identities, local culture, values, attitudes, political structure and economic base ... Читать дальше »
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The Germanic Strong Verbs: Foundations and Development of a New System
Mouton de Gruyter | ISBN: 3110199572 | 2007-05-01 | PDF | 262 pages | 1.16 Mb
As a contribution to the ongoing discussion of the genesis of the Germanic language, this book investigates the strong verbs of Proto-Germanic using a new approach that combines historical and typological morphology with quantitative etymology. It reveals that the morphological peculiarities and the etymological problems of the strong verbs have been considerably underestimated. The first part of the book explains how drastically the inherited verb system was transformed when it was uniformized and simplified around a functionalized verbal ablaut. In particular, it is shown that the systemic position of ablaut is typologically differ ... Читать дальше »
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Edward Rosset, „Guide to Prepositions - English to Spanish” (Spanish Edition)
Stanley | ISBN: 8478732721 | 2000-11 | PDF | 111 pages | 5.90 Mb
Part One: English Prepositions
Part Two: Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives taht are accompanied by a prepositions
PASSWORD: kildee
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The Cambridge Companion to American Modernism
Cambridge University Press | 2005 | ISBN: 0521536804 | Pages: 358 | PDF | 1.43 MB
Original essays by twelve distinguished international scholars offer critical overviews of the major genres, literary culture, and social contexts that define the current state of scholarship. This Companion also features a chronology of key events and publication dates covering the first half of the twentieth century in the United States. The introductory reference guide concludes with a current bibliography of further reading organized by chapter topics.
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Kevin Chambers, Wesley Palmer, Kam Lau, “Japanese Phrasebook”
Lonely Planet Publications | 1989 | ISBN: 0864420676 | 128 pages | PDF | 5,2 MB
Provides useful Japanese vocabulary and phrases for a variety of situations.

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Business English Course [Audio]
PPC/Palm/PC | MP3 | 48 Kbps | 172 Mb
01 Speaks To The Public
02 Holds A Meeting With English
03 Commercial Negotiations English
04 Discusses The International Trade
05 International Commercial Etiquette
06 Participates In Internationl Commercial Exhibition
07 Receives The Foreign Trade Route
08 Makes The Bulletin With English
09 Meets Listens To The Telephone English
10 Overseas Commerce Traveling
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