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Eggon-English Dictionary (Draft Printout): Roger Blench
Eggon-English Dictionary (Draft Printout)
Author: Roger Blench
Publisher: XXXXXXXX
Publication date: 2006
Number of pages: 96
Format / Quality: ped-excellent quality
Size: 439KB
The Eggon language is spoken by a large number of people in south-western Plateau State in Central Nigeria
(Map 1). These represent the modern Local Government Areas of Akwanga, Lafia and Nasarawa-Eggon.
The main towns of the Eggon people are Akwanga, Nasarawa-Eggon, Kagbu and Wana. They stretch as far
south as Lafia and west of Akwanga as far as the railway line. They are bordered on the north by the Mada
and to the south by the Migili and the Alago.

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