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A Grammar of Spoken Brazilian Portuguese: Earl W. Thomas
A Grammar of Spoken Brazilian Portuguese
Author: Earl W. Thomas
Publisher: Vanderbuilt
Publication date: 1987
ISBN: 082651197X
Number of pages: 198
Format / Quality: PDF (Using Adobe Acrobat 9 Clearscan Technology!)
Size: 6MB
Source language: English
Target language: Portuguese

A Grammar of Spoken Brazilian Portuguese.

I put this book on here mainly to serve as the example.

This book was scanned at 600 dpi, and then ran through Adobe Acrobat 9 Clearscan OCR Text Recognition (NEW!!!). The original file size was a whopping 320 MB at 600 dpi and excellent quality.

After Clearscan, the filesize is only 6 MB and the fonts have been replaced by synthetic fonts where you
can zoom all that you want to, and the fonts will not be distorted. Furthermore, you can search through
the file with a high degree of accuracy (still not perfect though, but good!)

If you scan, please scan at 600 dpi, and then run through Adobe Acrobat Clearscan, which is only available in Adobe Acrobat 9!

I ran other tests at 300 dpi... while the quality is "acceptable", the best results come from 600 dpi and up!
Clearscan is AWESOME, but not perfect for every book. Of course, the better quality the scan, the better
the end result will be.

Oh, and enjoy the book!




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