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Sentence Correction GMAT Preparation Guide (Manhattan GMAT Preparation Guides)
Sentence Correction GMAT Preparation Guide (Manhattan GMAT Preparation Guides)
Издательство: Manhattan GMAT Prep

Sentence Correction (1 of the 8 books in Manhattan GMAT's Preparation Guide series) provides a highly organized and structured approach to the variety of questions in this verbal content area. Students are presented with every major grammatical principle and minor grammatical point tested on the GMAT.

The book offers a unique balance between two competing emphases: test-taking strategies and in-depth content understanding. Practice problem sets build specific foundational skills in each topic and include the most advanced content that many other prep books ignore. As the average GMAT score required to gain admission to top b-schools continues to rise, this guide provides test takers with the depth and volume of advanced material essential for succeeding on the GMAT's computer adaptive format. Book also includes online access to 6 full-length Simulated Practice GMAT Exams at Manhattan GMAT's website.

Each chapter builds comprehensive content understanding in the given topic area by providing rules, strategies and in-depth examples of how the GMAT tests a given topic and how you can respond accurately and quickly. Each chapter (except Odds & Ends) is followed by 15 challenging practice problems, progressively increasing in difficulty and designed to increase your ability from novice to expert in the given topic. Answers with explanations follow each problem set.

After mastering all the Sentence Correction topics and completing Manhattan GMAT's comprehensive problem sets, you can test your knowledge on Sentence Correction problems that have appeared on past GMAT exams. These problems are contained in The Official Guides For GMAT Review (sold separately), published by GMAC, the organization that administers the GMAT. Manhattan GMAT has categorized all the Sentence Correction problems in The Official Guides by grammatical topic area. These categorized problems have been organized into a problem list and problem matrix that appear in the back of the Sentence Correction Strategy Guide.

Очень хорошая книжка с теорией по Sentence correction для GMAT. Так как там мало собственных упражнений и в основном идут ссылки на official guide 11 ed.

---reduced version (PDF in RAR 3.20, 5.1 MB) by Pumukl

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