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Lingala-English, English-Lingala: Dictionary and Phrasebook: Thomas A. Akowuah
Lingala-English, English-Lingala: Dictionary and Phrasebook
Author: Thomas A. Akowuah
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
Publication date: 1996
ISBN: 0781804566
Number of pages: 120
Format / Quality: pdf-zipped-scanned-good quality
Size: 14,4MB
This is the only dictionary and phrasebook on the Lingala language. Curious about the language I bought this book to familiarzie myself with some vocabulary as I am interested in the culture of the Congo. This compact dictionary is better than what I thought it would be. It really is very useful for anyone that is willing to make a trip into the Congo River region of the former Zaire. Lingala is the language that is spoken by residents all along the Congo River and in the Congolese capital city of Kinshasa. There are many useful and basic phrases to communicate with locals and make your trip into the region easier. This book contains anywhere from food and accomodation to phrases in making intelligable conversation. Pronounciation guide is available inside as well as a good dictionary of common and useful terms. A definite must have for anyone interested in this exotic language.

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