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Teach Yourself Slovene: Andrea Albretti
Teach Yourself Slovene
Author: Andrea Albretti
Format / Quality: pdf / mp3 average scan / mp3 (only 4 lessons)
Size: 30.7 Mb (zip)
"This is a complete course in spoken and written Slovene. If you have never studied Slovene before, or if your Slovene needs brushing up, TYS is for you.
Andrea Albretti has created a practical course that is both fun and easy to workg through. Clear explanations, as well as opportunities to practice what you have learned, are provided.

The course structure allows you to work at your own pace, arranging your learning to suit your needs.
The course contains:
- Dialogues, culture notes, grammar and exercises
- A step-by-step guide to pronunciation
- A Slovene-English vocabulary

At the end of the course, you'll be able to communicate in Slovene and participate fully and condifdently in all aspects of Slovene life."

I post this scanned book with its audio support because of a (desperate) request, without taking time to really prepare it: cleaning the pdf (and maybe audio) a little bit, adding bookmarks to the pdf, splitting the cassette files into lessons (Here, I wrongly assume the 4 audio files are cassette files: see comment #2), trying to date it, etc.
Of course, you're welcome if you decide to improve this post or make a new one!
If you plan to clean the pdf, please export the pages in png: never use jpg for something you plan to edit! Adding the bookmarks is much easier and already a definitive plus.
If you plan to split the mp3, please use a program that can do it without having to convert it in a wav first, because you would make the quality lower in this process. As for me, I use a free little program called mp3DirectCut.
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