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A Grammar of Lao (Mouton Grammar Library): N.J. Enfield
A Grammar of Lao (Mouton Grammar Library)
Author: N.J. Enfield
Publisher: Mouton de Gruyter
Publication date: 2007-07-01
ISBN: 3110185881
Number of pages: 170
Format / Quality: zip file containing true pdf
Size: 1,3 Mb
Lao is the national language of Laos, and is also spoken widely in Thailand and Cambodia. It is a tone language of the Tai-Kadai family (Southwestern Tai branch). Lao is an extreme example of the isolating, analytic language type. This book is the most comprehensive grammatical description of Lao to date. It describes and analyses the important structures of the language, including classifiers, sentence-final particles, and serial verb constructions. Special attention is paid to grammatical topics from a semantic, pragmatic, and typological perspective.
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