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World Talk - Learn Norwegian: EuroTalk
World Talk - Learn Norwegian
Publisher: EuroTalk
Publication date: 2001
Format / Quality: CD-ROM (iso)
Size: 200.44 Mb
World Talk Norwegian is aimed at intermediate level learners who have already built up some confidence listening to and speaking Norwegian. The interactive games and quizzes will help to further develop fluency and understanding of the language.
  • 10 Norwegian language games: including 'Lottery numbers', 'What did you say', 'Sentence building', 'Out to dinner' and others to help you learn, test and practice your Norwegian language skills.
  • Quickfire TV quiz: challenge a friend, or the computer to improve your Norwegian skills.
  • Recording studio: gain confidence in speaking Norwegian. Take the part of an actor and record yourself!
  • Dictation: six stories to give you practice in dictation and comprehension at your own pace!
  • Automatic localisation: lets you choose the language you learn from (more than 50 available).
  • Printable worksheets: that you can take anywhere.



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