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Berlitz Language/30 - Norwegian
Berlitz Language/30 - Norwegian
Publisher: Berlitz
Publication date: May 1993
Number of pages: 45
Format / Quality: pdf + mp3 (poor quality but still can be used)
Size: 36.9 Mb
This crash course, edited by linguist Charles Berlitz, is an ideal way to pick up a working vocabulary in Norwegian in the shortest possible time. It's a quick, highly condensed introduction to the words and phrases you'll need to communicate efectively in Norwegian. Programmed for fast learning, the course gives you guided practice in the essentials. You'll learn easy-to-remember words and phrases covering virtually every situation: greetings and introductions, hotels, restaurants, the theater, the post office, the railroad station, the airport, shopping, driving — and many more. You'll be able to explain what you want, ask questions, and understand the answers. Years of development, testing and actual use have proven the effectiveness of the method. 2 audio cassettes (80 min.), phrase guide book.

The truth... biggrin
"Years of development"... They must be kidding: it's just a phrasebook (rather than a true method) which presents English language speakers with guided practice in Norwegian greetings, introductions, requests, and general conversation at hotels, restaurants, and places of business and entertainment; and for use in emergency situations.
Now, if you don't get bored too quickly, and follow the instructions given by Charles Berlitz himself, it can be efficient for the first step in the language. And whatever the true method you will use, you will find it easier to follow.


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