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Making Out in Korean (Revised Edition): Peter Constantine, (Revised by) Gene Baik
Making Out in Korean (Revised Edition)
Author: Peter Constantine, (Revised by) Gene Baik
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 0804835101
Format: pdf
Learn to speak the colloquial language the Koreans really use with Making Out in Korean! This best-selling phrase book has now been completely revised to be even more helpful as a guide to the modern Korean spoken in everyday interactions-but still giving access to lots of colorful, colloquial expressions not covered in other phrase books.

Making Out in Korean features a pronunciation guide and notes on Korean language and culture. The phrases are organized according to typical encounters, including:
* Making acquaintances
* Discussing likes and dislikes
* Sharing a meal
* Going out on the town
* Developing a romantic relationship

In addition to the romanized forms of phrases, each expression is now also given in the Korean script so that you can show the book to the person you are speaking to. Making Out in Korean will bring you to a new level of fluency and communication in Korean!

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