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Fuyug Grammar Sketch: Robert L. Bradshaw
Fuyug Grammar Sketch
Author: Robert L. Bradshaw
Publisher: SIL
Publication date: 2007
Number of pages: 199
Format / Quality: pdf - excellent quality
Size: 1,54MB
This grammar was originally written in the 1990s and finalised in 2001. Because so little information is available on Fuyug and because Robert is no longer working in the Fuyug area, it was decided that publishing this analysis would be a service to the linguistic world. Since it was written a while ago, this sketch reflects the descriptive organisation that was recommended by SIL-PNG in the 1990s, moving from phoneme via morpheme, word, phrase, clause, sentence to discourse, devoting a separate chapter to each level. Even though there are disadvantages to this somewhat rigorous differentiation of levels, I trust that the relevant facts of the language will still be fairly easy to find for the interested reader.

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