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Modern Written Arabic Vol 1: Harlie L. Smith Junior
Modern Written Arabic Vol 1
Author: Harlie L. Smith Junior
Publisher: FSI
Publication date: 1969
Number of pages: 434
Format / Quality: pdf - zipped - very good quality
Size: 9,71MB
This text was prepared for use in the Foreign Service Institute programs of instruction for members of the United States Foreign Service and is intended to be used with the help of a native-speaking Arabic instructor and with tape recordings. Instruction in modern written Arabic is planned in three stages: (1) prepared materials allow the student to gain recognitional mastery of a basic vocabulary and of basic morphological and syntactic patterns; (2) students read unprepared materials such as newspapers; and (3) the use of anthologies, books, and periodicals is recommended. Each of the 32 lessons of this volume is divided into sections on basic sentences, supplementary sentences, drills, notes, and vocabulary. Prior to beginning this volume, the student is expected to have learned the Arabic writing system and have a reasonably accurate pronunciation. Familiarity with the principles of syllabification and stress, pausal and nonpausal forms, and the transcription system utilized in the notes and vocabulary are also presupposed. A vocabulary list is provided. (RL

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