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Contemporary Cambodian: Grammatical Sketch: Madeline E. Ehrman
Contemporary Cambodian: Grammatical Sketch
Author: Madeline E. Ehrman
Publisher: FSI
Publication date: 1972
Number of pages: 125
Format / Quality: PDF - zip Very Good Quality
Size: 3,38MB

This is the first of seven interrelated volumes comprising "Contemporary Cambodian". Other texts in the series include introductory lessons, four topic-oriented textbooks, and a comprehensive Cambodian-English English-Cambodian glossary. This volume is a description of aspects of Cambodian grammar and usage. Chapters concentrate on phonology, syntax, word classes, nominals, verbals, adverbials, relators, and vocabulary and usage. Appendixes contain summaries of some important words and a section on Cambodian names and titles. (RL)

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