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Old Icelandic: An Introductory Course: Sigrid Valfells (Author), James E. Cathey (Author)
Old Icelandic: An Introductory Course
Author: Sigrid Valfells (Author), James E. Cathey (Author)
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA (March 18, 1982)
Language: English
"OLD ICELANDIC: An Introductory Course by Sigrid Valfellis and James E. Cathey was published in 1981 by Oxford University Press in association with the American-Scandinavian Foundation. It is a primer for all aspects of the Old Norse language designed to serve the needs of both linguists and literary scholars.

After an important phonological introduction, it contains thirty-five lessons, each of which introduces a new grammatical concept and readings. Valfellis and Cathey realise that the student of Old Norse probably has prior experience in classical languages or general linguistics, and so their writing is direct and no-nonsense, yet at the same time quite friendly. This is one of the most useful grammars for the autodidactic student that I have ever encountered, as each lesson contains not only a passage or two from the sagas, but also grammar drills and composition exercises in Old Norse. Keys are provided for the composition exercises. So, the student outside of a formal course has the opportunity to keep track of his progress and apply what he has learnt so far."

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