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Colloquial Iclandic - The Complet Course: Daisy L.Neijmann
Colloquial Iclandic - The Complet Course
Author: Daisy L.Neijmann
Publisher: Routledge
Publication date: 2001
ISBN: 0-203-99545-7
Number of pages: 342
Format / Quality: PDF - zip - Excellent Quality
Size: 3,01MB
Icelandic is a fascinating language. Dating back to Viking times, with less than 300,000 speakers and a history that has kept it relatively free from major changes, it has captured
the interest of many enthusiasts over the course of time.
People are attracted to Icelandic for many different reasons. For some, it is the romantic lure of learning the language of the Vikings. Others want to be able to appreciate the Icelandic sagas or Eddic poems in the original. You may be intrigued by the linguistic antiquity of Icelandic. Perhaps Icelandic was the language of your ancestors. Or maybe you are simply planning a trip to Iceland, and you wish to communicate with Icelanders in their own language. Whatever it is that motivated you to pick up this book, you are interested in learning Icelandic, or in keeping up and improving your Icelandic. This course may be just what you need.

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