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Carry on Icelandic: Learn Icelandic and Enjoy It!: University of Iceland Press
Carry on Icelandic: Learn Icelandic and Enjoy It!
Publisher: University of Iceland Press
Publication date: 2004
Format / Quality: iso
Size: 488 MB
Real-life situations
The language program Carry on Icelandic is intended to prepare the learner for real-life situations. One of the main purposes is to help the learner to develop strategies for dealing with the new language. Quite often the learner can function without understanding every word, picking up clues from the context and using his/her previous experience in similar situations. The learner can also make him/herself understood even if his/her language is far from perfect. With Carry on Icelandic the learner can choose to "float" in the new language like a child does: listen, watch, read, repeat as he/she wishes. He/she can just try to guess what people are saying and check his/her guesses against the translation. He/she can learn phrases without analysing them word by word, just as he/she does in a new country. Or he/she can just watch videos and other materials and follow the story of the main characters. But the learner can also check the meanings of individual words or have the grammatical points explained to him/her by going into the Resource Centre. There he/she will also find some cultural notes and ways to express certain basic functions.

For all types of learners
So spend a moment thinking of yourself as a learner. Do you like to acquire knowledge in repeated situations, try it out and take risks, rather than analyse and memorise? You might like the random access in Carry on Icelandic, the opportunities for trial and error, the chance to listen to material over and over again, work in the order things interest you. Or do you prefer to follow a given route, to make sure that you know the previous material before entering the next unit? Then follow the recommended path starting from Situation One of Theme One, and make frequent use of the Resource Centre. Go through the activities and complete the grammatical exercises in the Resource Centre. Carry on Icelandic is for all types of learners: the choice is yours.

System requirements:
Multimedia PC Pentium 500
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
24-speed CD-ROM drive
16MB free memory

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