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Kyrgyz Language Manual: Abylkasymova, Mairam, Jumabaeva, Gulaim
Kyrgyz Language Manual
Автор: Abylkasymova, Mairam, Jumabaeva, Gulaim
Издательство: Peace Corps, Bishkek
Год: 1997
Страниц: 324
Формат: pdf
Размер: 5.43 MB
Язык: English, Kyrgyz
The language manual for Kyrgyz was designed for the specific language instruction needs of Peace Corps personnel in Kyrgyzstan. It begins with a brief introduction to the Kyrgyz language, stressing the points at which the Kyrgyz system differs from English, and outlining the Kyrgyz sound system. It then presents IS topical lessons, each containing sample dialogues from everyday life, relevant vocabulary, phonetic drills, exercises for practicing common phrases, expressions, and structures, grammar rules, exercises for practicing dialogues, self-directed exercises in everyday conversation and grammar, dialogues based on the grammatical structures and new vocabulary and leading to mastery of the particular vocabulary and structures in natural conversation, and a reference grammar. Lesson topics include: greetings; family; food; housing; transportation; buying items at the kiosk, buying items in the bazaar; grocery shopping; department store shopping; post office; personal appearance; health; weather; daily routine; and the work environment.

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