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Modern Conversational Korean: Suk-in Chang
Modern Conversational Korean
Author: Suk-in Chang
Publisher: Seoul Press
Publication date: 1995
Number of pages: 378
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 16 MB
No matter where one lives, the ability to communicate helps immeasurably to make life comfortable and meaningful. Korea is no exception to this rule.

Modern Conversational Korean is an excellent language text by Ms. Suk-in Chang. It is composed of short dialogues followed by grammar notes designed to help the student grasp the structure of Korean. There are also drills and exercises to help the student solidify learnings and use new vocabularly to generate his or her own conversations. An extensive section on pronunciation assists the serious student in the formation of the vowels and consonants of the Korean language. This comprehensive text is a must for beginning students of the Korean language.

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