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Sucheng hanyu - Speed up Chinese - 速成汉语
Sucheng hanyu - Speed up Chinese - 速成汉语
Format: pdf & Mp3
Language: English/Chinese
Size: 111 MB (117.208.463 bytes)
This set of intensive Chinese courses teaches students to learn the language through daily life conversations. With a focus on listening and speaking, each book presents 15 common daily life conversations or encounters: greetings and introduction, school life, traveling, time and date, hotel, visitors, shopping, seasons and weather, health and medical services, food and drink, and more. Every lesson consists of five parts: sentence patterns, text, annotation, exercises and new words. These books are useful for both classroom and self-learning. In simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English.

part 1
part 2
pass: tousaang

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