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Kazakh Grammatical Sketch with affix list: Karl A. Krippes
Kazakh Grammatical Sketch with affix list
Author: Karl A. Krippes
Publisher: XXXXXXXXX
Publication date: 1993
Number of pages: 35
Format / Quality: PDF - zip - Good Quality
Size: 1,06MB
Facts on the grammar of Kazakh, spoken in Kazakhstan, are presented. They are intended as a guide, not an instructional text. Information is presented in the form of notes and word lists on the following topics: orthography (the Cyrillic alphabet, spelling reform, stylistic and dialectal alternations, common misspellings, and homographs); phonetics and phonology (vowel system, diphthongs, consonant system, word stress and vowel length, and phonological changes); parts of speech (nouns, postpositions, numerals, adverbs, pronouns, and verbs); conjunctions; derivational morphology (denominal and deverbal adjectives); and interjections. A brief list of references and a list of inflectional and derivational affixes are included. (MSE)

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