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Modern Hebrew: An Essential Grammar: L Glinert
Modern Hebrew: An Essential Grammar
Publisher: Routledge
Author: L Glinert
Publication Date: 2005-05
ISBN: 0415700825
Number of Pages: 300
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 1.07MB zip
This new edition of Modern Hebrew: An Essential Grammar is an up to date and practical reference guide to the most important aspects of modern Hebrew as used by contemporary native speakers of the language.

It presents an accessible description of the language, focusing on the real patterns of use today. The Grammar also serves as a reference source for the learner and user of Hebrew irrespective of level, by setting out the complexities of the language in short, readable sections that are clear and free from jargon.

It is ideal either for independent study or for students in schools, colleges, universities and adult classes of all types.

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