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Yoruba: Intermediate Texts: H. David McClure, John O. Oyewale
Yoruba: Intermediate Texts
Author: H. David McClure, John O. Oyewale
Publisher: FSI
Publication date: 1967
Number of pages: 267
Format / Quality: PDF - zip - Good Quality
Size: 8,44MB
An intermediate level text was compiled for 2d-year yoruba students. The materials were designed to improve the student's conversational facility. The present work presents sequences and constructions which are characteristic of yoruba conversational style and of extended discourse such as is found in stories, folktales, and descriptive accounts. The course consists of five units of five lessons each. The first of these units is devoted primarily to a review and intensive drills of materials introduced at the end of the introductory text. Units two through four contain texts of increasing length, partly conversations, partly folktales, and essays. Unit five is an introduction to reading and writing in yoruba. Some of the materials to be used in this 2d-year course have been assembled in a separate informant's manual. This volume contains four units of five lessons each. Each of these lessons is coordinated with the corresponding lesson in the general manual and contains materials designed to increase the student's facility in understanding and speaking. Materials in the informant's manual are not intended to be seen by the student, but are planned to be presented to them, entirely orally, by a yoruba speaking informant. (tc)

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