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Colloquial Czech: James Naughton
Colloquial Czech (1st Ed)
Author: James Naughton
Publisher: Routledge
Publication date: 1987
Number of pages: 303
Format / Quality: mp3 / good quality
Size: 78 Mb
Czech is spoken by over 10 million people in the Czech Republic. It is closely related to the other members of the Slavic family of languages but, unlike Russian, uses the Roman alphabet.

Colloquial Czech features:
  • dialogues of everyday encounters and situations
  • exercises for regular practice
  • a pronunciation guide
  • clear, concise grammar notes
  • an extensive grammar reference section
  • lists of useful vocabulary
  • a two-way glossary section of key words and phrases
  • audio material to enhance pronunciation and listening skills
  • an author introduction to the course

Colloquial Czech is easy to use and specially written by experienced teachers for self-study or class use. The course offers you a step-by-step approach to written and spoken Czech.



Password: uztranslations

Remarks: Please note this audio support is for the 1st Edition of the book (1987). In the second edition (1999), Naughton has done much more than give his 1987 textbook a facelift for the post-Communist era, so that it can't be used with this audio set. The first edition is much more grammar driven than the following editions.
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