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Teach Yourself Vietnamese
Teach Yourself Vietnamese
Author: Dana Healy
Publisher: Hodder Headline
Year: 2003
Pages: 286
Format: PDF + M4A
Size: 13.2 MB + 65.4 MB

You will notice that each unit in the book follows the same structure. Units are divided into the following sections:
Conversations A unit starts with one or more dialogues between peole talking about everyday matters. These dialogues show you how the language is used in a given situation.
New words and expressions Words and phrases used in the dialogues are translated after each dialogue.
Grammatical points In this section you are given some background information on the language and the people who use it. There are also grammatical explanations, which will help you determine why and how particular words are used in order to put across a particular meaning.
Activities This section is intended for you to practise language patterns and vocabulary as you acquire them.
Reading passages In this section you are given a reading passage to practise your comprehension of Vietnamese.
Cultural information This section gives more information on the various aspects of the language and life in Vietnam.
Dialogues and other items marked with ► appear on the recording which accompanies this book. To develop good pronunciation and listening skills you are strongly advised to use the recording as much as possible.
At the back of the book there is a Key to the exercises section, to which you can refer and check mat you got the answers right. At the end there are Vietnamese-English and English-Vietnamese vocabularies, containing some of the words used in the book.



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