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Teach Yourself Estonian: Mare Kitsnik, Leelo Kingisepp

Teach Yourself Estonian
Author: Mare Kitsnik, Leelo Kingisepp
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: 0071591656320
Number of pages: 320
Format / Quality: PDF/readable; MP3 /CD rip, 128kpbs
Size: Book-13mb Audio-43+50mb
"The best all-round beginners' course in Estonian for the independent learner”
- Uses native speakers in the recordings
- LOTS of exercises
- Useful appendices on cases and Estonian-English/English-Estonian
- Some comments on Estonian culture that break the monotony of notes
on linguistic matters.
- The course's approach is best suited for tourists or people
wanting practical or "relatable" situations as dialogues cover
greetings, shopping, asking for directions, renting a car or talking
about hobbies

- Questionable presentation of the imperative
- It doesn't explain how to use the pluperfect tense even though it
does mention the tense's existence when first discussing the past
tenses of Estonian. The course only goes into detail for two of them
- imperfect and past perfect.
- no mention of the oblique mood
- very little discussion about Estonian sound length.

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