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Волшебный горшочек: Книга для чтения на английском языке
Publisher: КАРО
Publication date: 2005
Number of pages: 60
Format / Quality: rar-->PDF
Size: 10Mb
Вашему вниманию представляется народная и всеми любимая сказка «Волшебный горшочек».
Следя за повествованием, дети дошкольного и младшего школьного возраста легко усвоят новые
слова и выражения, а вопросы, предложенные в конце книги, помогут обсудить содержание
на занятиях по английскому языку.

Волшебный горшочек: Книга для чтения на английском языке. - СПб. : КАРО, 2005. - 56 с., ил. - (Чтение для детей). ISBN 5-89815-518-Х

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A Dutch Vocabulary
Author: Bruce Donaldson
Date: 1985
Pages 96
File Type: PDF
File Sze: 10mb
Bruce Donaldson’s ‘A Dutch Vocabulary’.Donaldson’s book lists frequently used Dutch words and their English translation by theme. The book was first published in the 1980s, but has been out of print for years. The Association of Dutch Teachers of Victoria inc. believe it highly valuable to have a theme-based word list to help Dutch learners expand their vocabulary.

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Reading Dutch: Fifteen annotated stories from the Low Countries
Author: W.Z. Shetter, R. B. Bird
Publisher: Leiden
Publication date: 1985
Number of pages: ca 200

Format / Quality: PDF 300 dpi greyscale
Size: 60 MB
Quote from the preface:

"This book presents fifteen highly readable stories and a handful of poems for those who would like to pursue their study of Dutch by reading some contemporary literature. The reading selections are unabridged and unsimplified, but the copious annotations and the complete vocabulary list will enable even beginners to build vocabulary and develop a sensitivity to modern idiomatic usage...

Each story is introduced by a few paragraphs in English which first place it in the contect of the author's work and then point out the direction the plot takes and suggest one or ... Читать дальше »
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Burlington Connect Grammar B1 • Student's Book • D Class
Author: Megan Blair, Kevin McCormick
Publisher: BURLINGTON, 2010
Format: PDF
Size: 23.81 MB
Connect B1 Grammar presents and practises the grammar phenomena taught in the Connect B1 series. The book contains: 16 grammar units and 8 Vocabulary units • Diagnostic test page at the beginning of each grammar unit • Grammar rules in english • Carefully graded exercises • Phrasal Verbs, word building and prepositional phrases • B2 exam practice • reviews after every 3 units.

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Extra English Series DVD1
Format / Quality: AVI
Size: 1,95 GB
This series is a stylish, sexy and very funny sitcom especially produced to help viewers improve their English and have a lot of fun doing so. Cleverly scripted language and plenty of visual humor guarantee enjoyment even when the viewer speaks basic English.

Two good-looking young women and the handsome boy next door have a visitor. Hector is from Argentina. He speaks basic English and is keen to learn about life in London. The plots are sharp and contemporary, reflecting a young and urban lifestyle. Love interest and romance are definitely in the air.

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Perspectives : Intermediate Writing Skills
Author: Andy Hopkins
Publisher: Longman
Publication date: 1989
ISBN: 0582016657
Number of pages: 82

Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 19 MB
Perspectives include the following special features:

* A challenging selection of text types and written keys, including factual, personal and creative writing

* Practice in writing skills relevant to students’ immediate needs as well as groundwork for higher level writing, providing useful preparation for a range of EFL exams (e.g. FCE)

* Discussion and analysis activities in each unit, which enables students to systematically analyse, assess and improve their own writing.

* An extensive key, including model texts, which enables students to systematically analyse, assess and improve their own writing.
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Top Notch TV Full Pack 3 DVDs
Language: English
Format / Quality: DVD-video
Size: 3.5GB
1. Top Notch TV Fundamentals Video Guide
The "Top Notch TV Video Course” can be used in a number of ways:
* As a complete video-based listening/speaking course that teaches key vocabulary, grammar, and social language
* As a video-plus-workbook supplement to accompany the "Top Notch” textbook series
* As a video-plus-workbook complement to any low-beginning to intermediate-level English language course
* As a self-study or distance-learning video-plus-workbook program
2.Top Notch 1 DVD
Top Notch TV 1 is a hilarious TV-style situation comedy that reintroduces language from each unit from the Top Notch series. This ... Читать дальше »
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An Arabic Reader
Author: A. Yellin, L. Billig
Publisher: Johnson Reprint Corporation
Publication date: 1963
Number of pages: 68+92
Format / Quality: PDF/good
Size: 3.6mb + 4.3mb
"An Arabic Reader" was originally published in Jerusalem in 1931:

"This splendid anthology contains excellent philological and linguistic notes plus a superb glossary and selections from Ibn Battuta, Ibn Jubair, al-Tabari, the Qur'an, etc."

ie classical Arabic, vowelled. I read that it's quite accessible without too much study of Arabic. The availability of recordings should help with this also.

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Achieve IELTS: English for International Education: Student Book and Audio
Author: Caroline Cushen
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
Publication date: 2005
Number of pages: 168

Format / Quality: PDF, MP3
Size: 168 MB
Level: Intermediate to Upper Intermediate
Developed and tested at UK and European universities and language schools by experienced IELTS teachers and examiners, Achieve IELTS recognises students' real aims and ambitions by preparing them for examination success and student life in internationaleducation.
Achieve IELTS takes students from IELTS band 4.5 to 6.
Achieve IELTS provides:
a student-centred communicative approach to learning
clear, useful advice on approaching the test from an experienced examiner
motivating and contemporary topic-based units that cover the core skills of rea ... Читать дальше »
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501 Reading Comprehension Questions, Fourth Edition (2010)
Author: LearningExpress LLC
Publisher: LearningExpress
Publication date: 4 edition (May 16, 2010)
ISBN: 1576857476
Number of pages: 224

Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 1,87 MB
With examples from literature, science, history, business, general interest, etc, this fully updated edition provides a reading comprehension tutorial in an easy to use format. This guide helps readers learn how to quickly: Get essential information from a passage, Find the main idea Increase comprehension and reading speed, Identify chronological order Find meaning in a variety of readings, Draw conclusions

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