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Effortless English – Flow English:Intermediate Level Lessons


Effortless English – Flow English:Intermediate Level Lessons
Publisher: Effortless
Language: English

Format / Quality:PDF + MP3
Size: 988MB

What Is The Best Way To Speak Excellent English?
Before you read more, I want you to choose the best way to speak excellent English:
Study Grammar Rules
Study Vocabulary Lists
Read A Lot Of Difficult Articles
Go to English School
Learn Core English Deeply
Practice Speaking Often
Have Your Errors Corrected

OK, did you choose the best method?

Do you know the correct answer? Of course, you know its not "study grammar rules”.

No, the correct answer is, "Learn Core English Deeply”. That is the key to excellent speaking. What is "Core English?”

"Core” means center, or middle. Core English is the most common English. It’s the most common words, phrases, idioms, and grammar that we use in conversations. To speak automatically, you must learn Core English very deeply.

Unfortunately, many students focus on learning a lot of words and rules– but never learn anything deeply.

Everything Changed: A Success Story
Nid was tired. She had been studying English for 8 years, but her speaking was still terrible.

She was going to an English school. Every night, she went to class. Every night, she studied a textbook. She studied grammar rules.

She had been doing this for 8 years– but no success. 8 long years.

Tired of school, one night she searched the internet for "Learn English”. She found the email course.

7 days later she bought our lessons. Her life changed. She used the system everyday. She was surprised how easy and interesting it was. No textbooks. No grammar rules to remember. The articles were interesting, and the stories were funny and easy to remember.

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