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Zoe Erotopoulos "French Verbs For Dummies"
Zoe Erotopoulos "French Verbs For Dummies"
For Dummies (2006-09-05) | ISBN 0471773883 | 286 Pages | PDF | 3.3 Mb

Hands-on exercises help you boost your verb proficiency
Get the hang of French verbs and get over verb hang-ups!
French verbs can drive anyone crazy who's trying to keep track of all the regular and irregular types. Fortunately, this book is here to help you make sense of confusing rules and drill you on the exceptions. Each chapter is packed with examples, exercises, and conjugation charts - just what you need to master even the toughest French verbs.
Discover how to
• Review regular verbs in the present tense
• Cope with common exceptions
• Conjugate all simple tenses, from present indicative to past subjunctive
• Tackle the trickiest irregular verbs
• Conjugate compound tenses

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