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The Student's Marathi Grammar: G. R. Navalkar
The Student's Marathi Grammar
Author: G. R. Navalkar
Publisher: Bombay
Publication date: 1880
Number of pages: 397
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 16 MB
It seems that we don't have anything on Marathi yet, so here is a grammar. I'll post a reader shortly.

As in most scans of that provenance (you know what i mean) the Devanagari is a little hard to read and some pages are messed up to the point of causing offense (e.g. 140), but the grammar itself is comprehensive.

The image is of course the Maratha hero Shivaji, depicted in fashionable Mughal attire (he was their retainer before the tiger claw incident, after all. What tiger claw, you ask. What? You've missed the best part!).

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