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Ottoman-Turkish Conversation Grammar: V.H. Hagopian
Ottoman-Turkish Conversation Grammar
Author: V.H. Hagopian
Publisher: various
Publication date: 1907
Number of pages: 554
Format / Quality: djvu
Size: 16 MB
This is one of the best books for studying Ottoman Turkish, so I was happy when I saw this old friend over at TurkLib a while ago.

Then I realized that there might be people who are interested in Ottoman (including my own former countrymen), but who only visit this site, and so it might be good for them if this book is cross-posted.

Caveats: Occasionally the scan quality deteriorates, and the French transliteration of /u/ as ou can be a bit irritating if you're not French. But that's the way Ottomans themselves were writing in Latin script before the 1920s.

I have some additional Ottoman materials, but I'm not sure whether people are interested in them, so please ask if you need something else.

If you like this one, go over to TurkLib and enjoy exploring it.

Password: uztranslations
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