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Grammar of Humburi Senni with Dictionary: Jeff Heath
Grammar of Humburi Senni with Dictionary
Author: Jeff Heath
Publication date: 2007
Number of pages: Grammar 444 + Dictionary 220

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
Size: 7,96MB
author’s note:
Humburi Senni is the Songhay (soNoy, sonrai) language spoken around
Hombori, between Gao and Mopti in Mali.
This version is very lumpy, and not just because page breaks and
realignment of examples has yet to be done. I recently made important changes
in the analysis of tones, and in the notation for the same, and have so far
incorporated these changes chiefly in the tonology section of the phonology
chapter and in parts of the nominal morphology chapter. So there are many
inconsistencies, and I must insist that nothing be quoted without my permission
(during my lifetime). I hope to greatly improve the manuscript in the next
couple of years. The texts (separate files) and dictionary are closer to being
finished products but they too need some work. I am putting the material up on
my personal site in the interim before publication as a (somewhat dubious)
service to others working on comparative Songhay.
--Jeff Heath, May 2007

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