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Aurrera!: A Textbook for Studying Basque, Volume 1: Linda White
Aurrera!: A Textbook for Studying Basque, Volume 1
Author: Linda White
Language: Basque
The Basque language is one of Europe’s most ancient, its origins as mysterious as those of the Basque people themselves. It is also the official language of Euskadi, the bustling, modern Basque Autonomous Region of Spain, and the preferred tongue of tens of thousands of Basques and their descendants living in the European Basque Country and in diaspora around the world. Aurrera! is a comprehensive text for beginning-level students who are learning Basque (the Batua form approved by the Academy of the Basque Language) in a classroom setting or on their own. Each chapter introduces an element of grammar and offers students written and spoken exercises, vocabulary, dialogues, and other activities that demonstrate the language in action, plus Basque reading texts that will entertain while they illustrate the points of the chapter. The complexities of Basque grammar are explained in clear, easy-to-understand terms, and the dialogues and exercises introduce students to common idioms and the basics of social conversation. Volume 1 covers material for the first two semesters of college-level language-classroom work. It is also designed to give independent learners a sound foundation in the language to allow them to make their own way in a Basque-speaking environment and to read basic Basque texts.


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